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Pictures of Vienna at Hotel Capricorno

At Hotel Capricorno pictures of Vienna accompany you to your room

Dir. Peter BuoczAt the Hotel Capricorno you will find a real specialty. Each room is decorated with selected motives on wallpapers and guests have the feeling of being in the middle of Vienna even when they are in the hotel.

Responsible for these photos is the hotel director of the Schick Hotels, Peter Buocz, who is also an enthusiastic hobby photographer.

During the renovation of the Hotel Capricorno he could combine his hobby with his profession and went in search of the perfect details about Vienna, which now give the hotel a very personal touch.

Please find here a collection of all pictures, you will see at Hotel Capricorno.

St.Stephen's Cathedral - the emblem of Vienna. Only 5 walking minutes away.
Stephansdom Stephansdom Stephansdom Stephansdom

Viennese "Riesenrad" (giant Ferris Wheel) at the "Prater"

Pallas Athene, Goddess of wisdom, infront of the Austrian parliament at the "Ring".

Urania, Observatory at the Danube canal. Only 2 walking minutes away from the hotel.

"Ringturm" at Schottenring
Ringturm Ringturm

Johann Strauß memorial at the Viennese municipal park
Johann Strauss Denkmal

Ruprechtskirche - the oldest still existing church in Vienna. Only 5 walking minutes away.

Uniqa Tower - observably from far away, situated at the other side of the Danube canal. Only 3 walking minutes away.
Uniqa Tower

Burgtheater (Theater) - each year in February with the "Wiener Eistraum" at the Rathausplatz infront.

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